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Personal and Professional Development


"The Leadership Development Seminar was one of the best weeks of my life. I learned bout myself and how important my thoughts are to building myself. I feel energized and renewed. I learned strategies to help me deal with my thoughts and conversations. I know this will help me with my personal and professional life." Ms. S. T., New Mexico

"The Leadership Development Seminar gave me an invaluable opportunity. An opportunity to learn, reflect and practice skills that helped me to be highly effective as a facilitator and presenter as well as more effective in my personal life." Ms. M.H., Arizona

"I am very satisfied with the progress we made this year. We are so much further along at SS than we were twelve months ago and much of the credit for this belongs to you. With our efforts in June, I believe we will progress in farther. See you in two weeks!" Mike

"Dr. T, I personally want to thank you for brining Yvonne Shay to class last night. She did in two hours what neither of the last two reading instructors for our blocks have been able to do. In other words, she actually taught us something useful and how to go from one stage of progression of reading to the next. This is what we tried to get out of our previous professors but to no avail. Between her and the chapter readings, I learned more than I have in the last two semesters combined. Now I'm excited about coming to class again and being there for a purpose. Again, thank you!" L.C., Reading 371

"Thank you for the opportunity to join into a sharing and loving environment. It was safe place to explore myself. I found many affirmations for my beliefs and my 'truths'. I was handed many processes that were new. These 'processes' were presented in a exciting and loving manner. Ms. A. O.

"For me, this worksop increased my awareness of myself so much. I learned more about how I talk to myself and to others and how those styles of communication could add to or detract from meeting my goals. I learned so much from the other participants as they shared their learning and experience." Ms. M.D.

"This workshop helped me to get centered and back on track! It has given me presentation and leadership skills. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wanted to improve themselves and move forward in their life! We must believe in abundance! We must have a 'can-do' attitude!" Dr. J. T.

"June 6-10, 2005 was one of the best weeks of my life. I learned about myself and how important my thoughts are to building myself. I feel energized and renewed. I learned strategies to help me deal with my thoughts and conversations. I know this will help in my personal and professional life." Ms. S

"Train the Trainers is a valuable workshop for anyone. It will impact your teaching, training, coaching and leadership skills. And most important, it will have a positive impact in your life." Ms. D. C.

"This weeks have been fun, inspirational, and very informative. I feel that I can utilize all of the strategies -- professionally an personally. I also feel that I have made my new friends who have a common vision and belief." Anonymous

"Thank you for the opportunity to take some serious risks in a safe and loving environment." Ms. K. W.

"The meditation and visualizations were powerful for me personally because that is an area I want to explore and learn more about. I'm leaving this workshop much more centered and confident in who I am, what I can do and what I'm capable of doing. Thank you so much." Ms. G. T.

"It was great to be with so many high-energy people learning together for a week." Ms. C. C.

"What an energizing week- loaded with information for me to implement when consulting. Thank you for the opportunities to share experiences with such a supportive group. I appreciate the new learning presented as well as the thorough review of old learnings. What will you ever do next year to top this week?" Ms. C. B.

"I learned that working with students, sharing ideas, and working cooperatively, work hand-in-hand with each other. I also learned that students have to do the talking when you're demonstrating a lesson, to show how the story began and how it ended. The students have to do the talking, and the teacher has to model on board on paper. It amazes me that this really works in a classroom." Ms. B.

"The biggest "Aha" for me personally was the provoke strategy. I was really surprised how it got the pre-reading discussion going. It was similar to a game how the kids would choose a word to fit into one of the categories related to the story. I'm sure the students will enjoy going over it upon completion of the story." Mr. Jim S.

"I learned something from the demonstration by getting an idea on how to introduce word problems in a simple way. The videos helped me acquire additional knowledge about cooperative learning and how to motivate students to use their higher thinking ability. The coaching and debriefing helped me become a better teacher and gave me something to think about when school starts in the fall. The training was great! I would like to thank the administration for Mrs. Shay. I would also like to thank Mrs. Shay for being patient with me and for the knowledge she shared." Ms. Rowena D.

"Stretch and sketch was a new learning for me using the Big Moon Tortillas. It was very exciting to them-they were so involved and being so careful with the details in the story. Also observing my class, since I had the lowest, in discussion and contributing was awesome. They look so quiet, but full of information. My only suggestion is that the workshop should be longer than 2 days and should be a full day, not 1/2 days. I get started, I don't want to stop." Mr. R. B.

"Your presentations were outstanding. The classroom demonstration that you completed in my room was great. I learned a lot with all the excellent modeling you did with each of my students." Ms. Rosella B.

"The new learning of the workshops was very beneficial for me as a teacher. I learned different strategies to teach students in a classroom setting. I especially liked the workshops Ms. Shay presented after teaching. She modeled the strategies to where I can understand it and use it in the classroom. I suggest Mrs. Shay return and train other teachers in the district. They would benefit and use this in the classroom for the students to learn." Ms. Linda B.

"I've learned how to use Schema to increase students learning especially retaining new skills building on what they already know. There were different teaching strategies I picked up for teaching math (I already used, but a different way to teach). Praising students in each group was great for students. This method of teaching gets the students to really think." Mr. C. T.

"The most amazing new thing I learned during this workshop was the "schema". I had never heard of this word before and I was so amazed at how important and powerful the one one word could be. Using the schema chart made me realize the picture of what I had already learned, but in a different approach. Watching Mrs. Shay do a demo for my class was very beneficial for me as a teacher. I got to see it from a student's point of view and visually see what I needed to work on. I got a chance to see how students need to visualize, hear and move their bodies to help them understand the topic or concept better. Mrs. Shay, I would like to thank you for your wisdom and teaching to the staff." Ms. P. P.

"The demos were very informational and very easy to follow. Assisting and coaching us with our students was very educational and valuable to me using the process. The students perking up and wanting to learn and participate in the process. I want to thank you for re-opening my ming and rekindling my interest as a reading teacher. I believe I will be able to utilize the information I have learned from you. You are good! I will be anxious to await your return to relearn and reshare new stuff in August." Mr. L. K.
"I was reminded of all types of reading and how they are similar and how they are different. I was surprised that my students would remember the components of schema like they did during the lesson in my class. I was reminded about how powerful cooperative and team learning and participation can be. Please return and five us more!" Mr. Rex G.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions. You have taught us some methods and skills in unique ways. The demonstrations in the classrooms were great. You have shown an interest in our students and us. All the books you read were wonderful. Teaching us how to retain information was excellent. You made time to get to know us. Everything you did was great. The way you dressed and the way you presented information to use. You always had a smile. I sincerely believe this made a difference. The greatest lesson I will always treasure is showing your love for us." Ms. W. J.

"What I learned the most through my experience as a teacher is "wait time" is very important. Regardless of how long it takes for the students to respond. This is a very weak area I feel I lack. Mrs. Shay reinforced me to not give in." Ms. E. J.

"Learning about various learning strategies was interesting but the best part was the actual demonstration by Mrs. Shay. The understanding became cleared. This workshop has added and enhanced my repertoire of teaching- certainly added more teaching tools for learning environment." Ms. V. B.