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Literacy Audit


The Yvonne Shay and Associates Literacy Audit provides an objective view of school wide literacy. The audit utilizes the monitoring tools and processes developed by researchers such as Robert Marzano, James Hoffman and Jerry Valentine. Surveys of teachers, students and parents are conducted, synthesized and analyzed. The survey results are combined with classroom observation information to determine the school's literacy strengths and weaknesses. A detailed report is compiled including Instructional Practices, Level of Cognition, and Observed Instructional Practices, among others, and presented to school leadership to assist in the creation of a comprehensive school improvement plan.

This service includes:

On-site classroom observations
Teacher interviews
Student interviews
Student surveys
Administrator interviews
Parent focus groups
In-depth report, based on qualitative and quantitative data collection

Educational Empowerment has a staff of highly trained professionals with experience utilizing these tools to conduct and analyze the literacy strengths and weakness of your school or district. If you are interested in learning more about the Literacy Audit, please contact us.