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Yvonne Shay and Associates grew from a desire to support teachers, schools and organizations as they grow. Yvonne Shay and her consultants seek to assist with the challenges of a changing school environment. Yvonne Shay and Associates was founded in 1996 and currently has ongoing relationships in 23 school districts and/or schools throughout Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Full and part-time consultants are former and current classroom practitioner leaders with expertise in multiple areas of education. We invite you to get to know our dedicated team of consultants.

Yvonne Shay is the owner of Yvonne Shay and Associates and has extensive training in comprehensive literacy, performance assessment, leadership and cognitive coaching. Yvonne has formed many lasting friendships and strong working relationships with thousands of teachers who have benefited from her teaching and coaching. She has led teams of consultants to provide effective capacity building initiatives in New Mexico, Texas and Arizona schools. Yvonne's belief is that effective professional development occurs when teachers are taught meaningful instructional management theories and techniques, as well as, receive classroom support, coaching and modeling over time. Her success with this research- based approach has been evident in many school districts and organizations.

The Staff

Cheri Beck is a specialist in reading and writing instruction. She has over 32 years of teaching experience and has served as a school literacy leader, a Title One language teacher and a second grade teacher. She has trained extensively as a cognitive coach and mentor teacher. She has a full grasp of the literature of learning and published options to bring material to student read-alouds, shared reading and guided reading options. Cheri continues to be anxious to learn, grow and apply that learning to help teachers and students become more successful.
Darlene Chilton is a regional consultant working in literacy improvement programs in New Mexico, Texas and Arizona. Darlene is a trained reading specialist, a former Title One reading lab teacher and elementary classroom teacher. She has extensive training in reading recovery, comprehensive literacy, writing processes and writer's workshops. Darlene's chief consulting interest is classroom audits of instruction, as well as, coaching and workshop presentations to teachers in the areas of reading and writing student achievement.
Cindy McDonald Damron is a teacher and consultant specializing in applying best practices of instruction with special education students. She has taught ten years and has served as a Special Education Director. Cindy is a tireless advocate for children with special needs and is determined to support teachers as they adapt the school and instruction to assure student success.
Shelly Rice is a Cambridge Who's Who Professional. She was very honored to be nominated as a Who's Who Professional and strives to be a life-long learner. She continues to learn more about comprehensive literacy and enjoys consulting with other educators as a way to keep growing. She has 27 years of educational experience from teaching developmentally delayed preschool students to adult basic education. Her portfolio includes training and workshops such as: Columbia University's Reader's and Writer's Project, 7 Habits of Highly Effective Leaders, Cognitive Coaching and Critical Conversations, Comprehensive Literacy Training, and many more. She resides in Socorro, NM and can be reached at srice@magdalena.k12.nm.us.